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Hold All Mail Service
Security and privacy are our top priorities.
Brickell H.A.M. Services, located in Miami's financial district provides a secure, premium, all inclusive hold all mail service designed for clients of financial institutions nationwide.  With our "Hold All Mail" service , clients can expect to have the amenities and services that they are accustomed to.

Located in 444 Brickell Avenue, Suite P52,  Brickell H.A.M. Services, will receive all correspondence forwarded by the financial institution and have it stored.  All correspondence is securely stored awaiting client's pick up, forwarding instructions or authorization to destroy.

All correspondence is handled and stored with the upmost security and privacy.

Our all inclusive Hold All Mail service consist of:
  • Mail holding term of 15 months
  • All correspondence is stored on premises in secured locked cabinets
  • No charges for mail forwarding within the United States
  • Destruction of mail is carried out by a certified shredding company free of charge
  • Private office available for the review of correspondence in comfort and privacy

This service has a fee of:

$​535.00 for 12 Months

$963.00 for 24 Months
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